Antigravity Studios is a small design and development firm founded in 2001 by two workaholics in love.

We're Alden Karr and Missy Chimovitz, the principals and founders of Antigravity Studios. We met in 2000 at the California Institute of the Arts, where Alden studied music composition and Missy was finishing her MFA in film/video arts. It was at CalArts that we discovered that our talents dovetailed neatly together, and we combined our skills in design, programming, animation, music composition, and illustration to create Antigravity. Based in New York City, we built websites for PBS, Bill Clinton, and dozens of other start-ups, non-profits, and corporations.

After six busy years in New York, with an established client base scattered across the globe, we shifted our base of operations to Yucatan, Mexico. The change of scenery did wonders for our mood, but did little to cure our workaholism. Maintaining a number of ongoing projects and managing a small but dedicated team of programmers and designers, Antigravity continues to prove that you can take the workaholics out of New York, but you can’t slow them down.